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Rumba - Textured Plains

Two complementary linen-effect weaves.

Key Words: Natural looking, Durable, Practical, Affordable.


Minera Features

  • One item 7557/01 is 100% polyester giving it a pure cream colour.
  • Dual purpose. Excellent durability for upholstery.
  • Piece dyed.
  • The co-ordinating plain to the new Solea collection.
  • Woven with a slub yarn to give a natural look.
  • The fresh yet soft palette contains 45 shades including Topaz and Petunia and Chartreuse and Basil plus a good range of soft neutrals.
  • Dual stocked with FR version.

Rumba Features

  • Yarn dyed.
  • Dual purpose. Drapes beautifully and has a stable construction for upholstery.
  • Available in 41 stunning colours including Imperial Purple, Crocus, Quince and Marine plus a good range of neutrals such as Oyster, Mercury and Wicker.
  • Colours co-ordinate with current and new print collections.
  • Dual stocked with FR version.