Since 1985 our family company imports upholstery fabrics, curtains, leathers and other exclusive items for internal decoration.

The most well-known Italian companies are our main suppliers, but we have a great number of suppliers in all over the world, as our aim is to provide our customers with innovative products of high quality.

We are exclusive representatives of ALCANTARA, ROMO FABRICS, ANDREW MUIRHEAD leathers, JOOP, KEN SCOTT, MANUEL REVERT and many others.

CRYPTON: our latest, but not last success! This new cooperation will offer a new opening and view to our fabric world.

We have created a big network of customers, (sofa and furniture manufacturers, retail chains of furniture, interior design showrooms, architects, interior designers), who consider us as the Leaders in all over the Greek Market.

However, we have built an export system through new Markets which have started developing increasingly since the last five (5) years, such as Albania, Romania, Ukraine, Dubai, Cyprus.

Through our Architect office, as a sister company, we are able to undertake big projects of construction and re-decoration offering the most innovative solutions.

Moreover, our Contract Business department is responsible for the Market of Hotels, hospitals, restaurants, bars and boats, where the needs for upholstery fabrics with certain specifications are so important.

We strongly believe in your company and we are sure that we have the way and the experience to develop a profitable cooperation with you.